Judicial and Administrative Compliance Monitoring Programs

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring is the alliance of impaired driving countermeasures and alcohol sensing technology capable of stopping an impaired driver from starting a vehicle. Participants of compliance monitoring programs are either mandated administratively or court ordered to install an Alcohol Interlock in their vehicle for a specific duration. During that period, the participant’s driving activity and alcohol test results are recorded and accessible by the Compliance Monitoring Program Administrator.

Alcohol Ignition Interlock Basics

An alcohol ignition interlock is an in-car breath alcohol screening instrument that prevents a vehicle from starting if it detects a driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BrAC) over a pre-set limit. Using the same alcohol sensing technology used by police in roadside screening, the alcohol interlock is designed to fit inside the vehicle, near the driver’s seat, and is connected directly to the vehicle’s ignition system.

How it works

Before starting the vehicle engine, the driver must provide an accepted breath sample with an alcohol concentration (BrAC) below the pre-set limit into the interlock before the vehicle's engine can be started. Once the interlock has determined the driver is below a preset BrAC, the vehicle may be started. To prevent other people from providing the required breath sample, the interlock requires additional breath samples at random intervals while the engine is running.

User Fees

Drivers subject to an alcohol ignition interlock condition are responsible for all installation and maintenance costs. When the participant calls to book an appointment, a representative will provide details such as the installation and maintenance fees, as well as service center locations. The alcohol ignition interlock representative will also help answer questions related to reinstatement of the driver’s licence.


We’ll make the process easy for our participants. Our installation centers are conveniently located and the alcohol interlock will be installed while the participant waits. Participants will receive full training on-site and our Technicians will take the time to ensure everything is operating properly.


Participants are required to visit the installation center 30 days after the installation and then every 60 days for maintenance and to download the data to our central service system. Maintenance appointments typically take less than 20 minutes.

Program jurisdictions:


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